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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
“Renovation of the area along the Erenik river including creation of green area and walking paths in Junik/Junik”. This project is implemented within the framework of EU-Beautiful Kosovo II Programme. The implementation of the project aims to contribute to generation of new jobs opportunities as well as improvement of living conditions for the citizens of Junik/Junik Municipality. Junik - Junik Environment Municipality 21 Aug 2014
1 Nov 2014
Renovation of “Kulla e Hoxhajve” Tower, implemented in the framework of EU-Beautiful Kosovo Programme To improve and beautify the Municipality of Junik, to create new job opportunities by renovating the Tower “Kulla e Hoxhajve”, to develop tourism and to create a Municipal Library for inhabitants of... Junik - Junik Culture Municipal Employment Center, Population 1 Oct 2011
1 Jan 2012
Junik/Junik – Town Sewerage and Storm Water drainage System The overall objective of this programme is to support the implementation of the requirements of the European Partnership (particularly those related to the municipal level), through improvement of... Junik - Junik Municipal Infrastructure Community, Municipality 7 Apr 2010
28 Nov 2012