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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) To Improve Market Performance through Market Analysis & Planning advisory services Lipjan - Lipljan Economic Development M & 6 SH.P.K 7 May 2012
8 Jun 2012
Improving Meat Processing, Quality, Distribution and Meat Products Market in Kosovo The overall objective of this action to develop local Kosovo agri-business, more specifically the local meat industry in Kosovo. Lipjan - Lipljan Agriculture/Food Safety Consumers, Employees, Feti Company, Rural workforce 18 Feb 2011
18 Oct 2012
Lipjan/Lipljan - Sewerage System for Medvec/Medvece and Vrellë/Vrelo villages The overall objective of this programme is to support the implementation of the requirements of the European Partnership (particularly those related to the municipal level), through improvement of... Lipjan - Lipljan Municipal Infrastructure Community, Municipality 7 Apr 2010
28 Nov 2012