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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
“Renovation of the Health Centre's façade” in Dragash/Dragaš. This project is implemented within the framework of EU-Beautiful Kosovo II Programme The implementation of the project aims to contribute to improve health services for all the communities living in Dragash/Dragaš Municipality as well as the generation of new employment opportunities. Dragash - Dragaš Construction Institute of Public Health 25 Aug 2014
22 Nov 2014
Building of green market The overall objective of the action is to improve conditions for local agricultural businesses to reach regional markets. Dragash - Dragaš Agriculture/Rural Development Consumers, Local manufacturers, Small and Medium Enterprises, Traders 2 Dec 2010
3 Mar 2012
Dragash/Dragaš - Sewerage System for Kuk/Kukovce and Kosavë/Kosavce villages The overall objective of this programme is to support the implementation of the requirements of the European Partnership (particularly those related to the municipal level), through improvement of... Dragash - Dragaš Municipal Infrastructure Community, Municipality 7 Apr 2010
28 Nov 2012
Increase processing, quality and quantity of Dairy Sharri Opoja. Contract 2013/331-288 To contribute to the economic development conditions for the rural South region of Kosovo through enhancing and strengthening of capacity, quality and competitiveness of dairy SHARRI in Opoj/Opoja... Dragash - Dragaš Agriculture/Rural Development Farmers