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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
“Construction of Recreational and Health Centre for elderly people in Obiliq/Obilić”. This project is implemented within the framework of EU-Beautiful Kosovo II Programme. The implementation of the project aims to contribute to establishment of the Recreational and Health Centre for elderly people in Obiliq/Obilić in order to improve living conditions for inhabitants... Obilic - Obilić Health Inhabitants 11 Aug 2014
24 Nov 2014
EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) To Improve Market Performance through Development Planning advisory services Obilic - Obilić Economic Development N.P.T. DALMA 24 Jan 2012
4 May 2012
Renovation of the Elementary School yard Naim Frasheri in village Brezhnica Obiliq/Obilić, implemented in the framework of EU-Beautiful Kosovo Programme and Play for All Kid’s festival Beautification of school yard and creation of a better environment for students of the Elementary School Naim Frasheri in village Brezhnica, Obiliq/Obilic Municipality.Note: Children from schools... Obilic - Obilić Municipal Infrastructure Students 1 Sep 2011
1 Dec 2011
EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme (EGP) To introduce management structure; business plan development; assessment of current equipments. Obilic - Obilić Economic Development Inkos 1 May 2010
1 Jul 2012