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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) To Improve Market Performance through Development Planning advisory services Prizren - Prizren Economic Development Valvis Sh.p.k. 6 Dec 2011
24 May 2012
Regional dairy Ajka: Introduction of food safety and quality management systems (ISO 22000 & 9001) The overall objective of the action is to increase the contribution of farming and food industry to the economic growth in Kosovo. Increasing sales of the domestic dairy industry and higher import-... Prizren - Prizren Agriculture/Food Safety Dairy N.P.T. Ajka 7 Feb 2011
7 Feb 2013
"Europa" - Development and Culture Complex (EDCC) The overall objective is to contribute to the creation of a suitable environment for development of competitive business in the Southern Region and particularly in the tourism sector Prizren - Prizren Culture Citizens, Small and Medium Enterprises 26 Oct 2010
26 Jul 2012
EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme (EGP) Improve management practices; establishment of a winter tourism centre; tourism marketing and new product development. Prizren - Prizren Economic Development KUK Commerc 1 Jul 2010
1 Nov 2012
Prizren/Prizren - Village Road Romajë/Romaja - Rogovë/Rogovo The overall objective of the Contract is to support the implementation of the requirements of the European Partnership (particularly those related to the municipal level), through improvement of... Prizren - Prizren Municipal Infrastructure Municipality 4 May 2010
20 Dec 2011
EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme (EGP) Improvements in management practices; manufacturing efficiency and quality control; development of a wider network of customers. Prizren - Prizren Economic Development Eurofood 1 Jan 2010
1 Dec 2011
EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme (EGP) Improvement in management practices; implementation of a flexible organisational structure; development of wider network of customers. Prizren - Prizren Economic Development Balcond/Delikates 1 Jan 2010
1 Sep 2012
Sports Field and Children Playgrounds in Prizren Municipality The overall objective of the programme is to develop further the social and economic infrastructures of the municipalities of Kosovo, in order to meet the requirements for implementation of the... Prizren - Prizren Municipal Infrastructure Municipality 14 Sep 2009
25 Jul 2011
Improving Dinamika LLC processing technology and capacities. Contract 2013/331-343 The objective of the project is to improve quality and food safety standards through modernization of the production programme in order to strengthen the competitiveness of Dinamika LLC and gain... Prizren - Prizren Agriculture/Food Safety Dinamika LLC
Upgrade of production plant and strengthening of capacity, quality and competitiveness of Naturlla dairy. Contract 2013/331-315 The objective of the project is to further develop the processing capacities, improve quality and competitiveness of the dairy. • Improvements in production plant in order to meet relevant EU... Prizren - Prizren Agriculture/Rural Development Farmers
New technology on meat processing industry Contract 2013/331-349 Contribution to the regional economic growth by enhancing the meat processing industry through establishment of networking with poultry farmers. Introduction new technologies for meat processing... Prizren - Prizren Agriculture/Rural Development Food processing industry