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Project Name Overall Objective Municipalities Sectors Beneficiaries Period
Strengthening the community mobilization potentials of CSO organization in Northern Kosovo The overall objective of the project is to foster the democratic potential of the communities living in northern Kosovo by increasing of the role of civil society organizations and encouraging the... Mitrovica Veriore - Severna Mitrovica Support to Civil Society Youth 30 Dec 2013
30 Jun 2015
Refurbishment of a Sports Centre "Minatori" and Construction of a new Sports Centre "Omnisport" and Landscaping Works The overall objective of this programme is to support the implementation of the requirements of the European Partnership (particularly those related to the municipal level), through improvement of... Mitrovica Veriore - Severna Mitrovica Municipal Infrastructure Municipality 21 Mar 2012
20 Mar 2015
EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) To Improve Market Performance through Market Analysis & Planning advisory services Mitrovica Veriore - Severna Mitrovica Economic Development N.T.P. Afri Univerzal 23 Dec 2011
1 Feb 2012